Review: Dalmore 12 Year Old

Whisky time! This week's review is of the Dalmore 12 Year Old. Dalmore is always highly esteemed by Americans due to the deep colour most commonly associated with ex-sherry butts rather than what it's really coming from - caramel colouring like E150a. The reason behind either choosing to add colouring or not is really down... Continue Reading →

2019 The Year of Drinks Without Guts

In 2018 Veganism all around the world, especially in Britain, grew massively. The UK has just over taken Germany as the leader in Vegan food choices with a whopping 16% of all new food launches being vegan. Even those who aren’t switching to veganism are eating more ethically with 34% of meat eaters reducing their meat... Continue Reading →

What Would Burns Do?

Not Mr Burns, Rabbie Burns. The 25th of January is a Scottish celebration of the famous poet, Robbie Burns. Scots all over the world celebrate in different ways some with poetry, some with haggis, some with whisky and some with all 3 (not compulsory but highly recommended.) Who was Rabbie Burns, the Great Bard? The... Continue Reading →

Review: Clynelish 14 Year Old

So if you've followed Cask to Glass for a while you might already be aware that I have a soft spot for Clynelish, made ever softer by my brilliant experience visiting the distillery back in 2016, and so it might seem a bit overdue reviewing the main expression from the distillery. Before I jump right... Continue Reading →

The Americano: A Low Abv Cocktail

So as mentioned in my last post (From Low to No: 2019's Biggest Trend) low and no ABV drinks are all the rage and that's spreading to bartending. Mocktails (god I hate that term) and low ABV cocktails have always been around, as Aperitivos and day time drinks. The Americano is a perfect example of... Continue Reading →

From Low to No: 2019’s Biggest Trend

I can't be the only one thats noticed recently the huge change in drinking culture in the UK. Doesn't it seem like everyone knows their stuff when it comes to what they're drinking? From craft beer fanatics to self proclaimed *shudder* Gin-o-holics, everyone seems to be a bit more educated on what's going in their... Continue Reading →

Mini Drams: The Glenlivet 18

The Glenlivet is a brand that anyone who has ever heard of whisky knows. The first ever distillery in Scotland to distil legal whisky under a license granted to George Smith in 1824 and nowadays one of the most famous whisky distilleries in the world. It's among the big names like Glenfiddich and Macallan when... Continue Reading →

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